Traxsource LIVE! #87 with Mark Farina, Hosted By Wendy Escobar

We’re back again to deliver you another dose of the finest underground music, with our host Wendy Escobar. This week on Traxsource LIVE we’ve got brand new and exclusive tracks from underground heavyweights Claptone, Jimpster and Vince Watson alongside a rich, jazzy 40 minute session from Mark Farina to complement his latest offering ‘It’s Alright’ via the Classic Music Company – out now on Traxsource. Continue reading


Mark Farina returned to Denver in similar style: a late night set, an intimate venue and a packed crowd. Farina played at a sold-out Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, fueling listeners through his Friday night set and love of playing in the 303. Continue reading

Mark Farina Celebrates 25 Years Of Mushroom Jazz In The PNW

Certain people are synonymous with certain things. In fact, that’s pretty much the definition of synonymous. But some people have achieved such notoriety due to what they’re known for, it almost overshadows them as an individual. Take Michael Jordan with basketball, Neil Armstrong with the moon, Cookie Monster with… cookies, and Mark Farina with Mushroom Jazz. Continue reading