5Magazine – Mark Farina’s Music Cultured Drops on Static

A beat track and pure percussion delight in a new original track from Mark Farina.

I’m not familiar with this label, but wringing an original track from Mark Farina instantly puts Static on my checklist.

“Music Cultured” is a beat track, a pure percussion delight that starts rolling at the top of a set and takes a solid 4 minutes or so to really build up a head of steam. You could potentially use this as a DJ tool (a thing that few DJs actually seem to use or in some cases even understand anymore), but it’s at that mid-point of the 8 minute track that all kinds of interesting things happen, effects and subtle chords using that beautiful bassline as a kind of trampoline.

Mark Farina: Music Cultured (Static)
1. Mark Farina: Music Cultured (8:08)

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