Camp SummerDaze was the best summer festival I’ve attended to date in Ontario. The SummerDaze crew, including their savvy volunteers, vendors, and new locatio,n exceeded expectations despite moving from Toronto Island to an idyllic side road in Schomberg. Overall the festival was intimate, well organized, and beautifully catered with amazing music, chic boutiques, holistic wellness sanctuaries, yoga and meditation sessions, keynote speakers on mindful living and ecology, hooping and crafting, multimedia art installations and well-thought out vendors and quiet camping. It was the best warm up to Burning Man or Harvest Festival that I have attended in a while. Continue reading

Free Williamsburg: Club Crush: The Week’s Best Electronic Lineups

I am feeling so grounded, y’all! I just started my yoga teacher training, so my head has been to the ground, in the clouds and everywhere in between. Despite all of my om-ing, stretching, cleansing and meditating, I still find my mind wandering toward the weekend. No matter how intently I try to achieve clarity, my head still finds itself filled with house music and bass drops. I guess that’s something I’m really going to have to work on. In the meantime, I am going to transfer some of that excess energy to you by way of this Club Crush column. Dance over beers this weekend while I sit at home icing my ass (I took quite the fall in side-crow today) and gnawing on raw kale. You better enjoy yourself. I’m living vicariously through you. Namaste. Continue reading