Dancing Astronaut presents AXIS 178: Mixed by Mark Farina

Mark Farina is a bona fide house music legend. Having gotten his start in Chicago in the late ’80s and early ’90s alongside pioneers like Derrick Carter, Farina has spent over two decades championing his signature Mushroom Jazz style. The San Francisco-based DJ is currently celebrating the 8th edition of his coveted compilation series of the same name. In honor of the release of Mushroom Jazz 8, Farina joins us for the latest edition of AXIS radio. Continue reading

Billboard – Mark Farina Celebrates 25 Years of ‘Mushroom Jazz’: ‘A Good Hip-Hop Beat With Some Jazz Is Pretty Timeless’

Mark Farina released the first volume of his Mushroom Jazz compilations – which contain a leisurely, melodic mix of jazz, soul, and hip-hop – on tape in 1991. Music has changed in countless ways since then, but the series has endured, moving to CD in 1996 and spawning a number of sequels. The 8th installment arrives today, 25 years after Farina started. Continue reading